The Vegetable Book

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Titel:  The Vegetable Book
Författare:  Conran Terence & Kroll Maria
Förlag:  Treasure Press
Tryckår:  1984
Skick:  Bra inuti, lite fläckad utvändigt.
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Boken är på engelska.
How to grow and cook your own vegetables.
This delightful book has been designed for all of us who enjoy good eating, whether or not we respond to the challenge of actually growing our own vegetables.
The vegetables are arranged in common-sense groups and the growing instructions are as simple as possible, with many helpful diagrams. They apply equally to owners of gardens and those who only have a window box.
The recipes vary splendidly from the summery simplicity of Raw Mushroom Salad to satisfying winter soups like Mulligatawny, and come from all parts of the world.